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Wanted: Tree Advice

Alert “0688o” reader — and nature lover — Fred Cantor writes:

A spectacular birch tree that has stood in the side yard since our house was built close to 65 years ago has been declared DOA by the arborist who sprayed it for us every spring.

It’s possible the tree died of natural causes in old age. It’s also very possible the tree is a victim of the drought.

To help with water conservation, my wife and I never watered our grass. It looked okay even during the hottest parts of the summer.

But, I’ve learned, it’s not just newly planted trees that need regular watering. It’s also advisable to regularly water certain types of much older trees in the conditions we have faced locally in the past year or two.

Perhaps “06880” readers who are professional landscapers — or knowledgeable gardeners — can weigh in on how all of us can help preserve older trees.

Fred Cantor’s birch tree, in the 1990s.