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Septic Switching

It’s taken decades, but the Post Road — at least in Westport — now looks decent.  Trees and flowers grace many businesses; shopping centers have been renovated, office buildings constructed with at least lip service given to looks.

Then there is Roger’s Septic Tanks.

“06880” has nothing against septic systems.  Without them, we would definitely be up that proverbial creek.

But Roger’s is just about the last holdout, long after the rest of the Post Road was greened and preened.  Trucks and septic tank innards fill the dirt lot, with no pretense of landscaping to be found.

Roger's Septic Tanks. The flowers in the foreground belong to the BP gas station next door.

“06880” reader Wendy Crowther reminds us the site has a storied history. Before Roger, the place was called Bob’s Welding.  Donna Summer shot an early music video there.  Wendy can’t remember the song, but says sparks from welding equipment flew around in the background.

That was its high point.  For years it’s been an eyesore.

Now a “For Lease” sign stands out front.  It’s a “development site” — suggested as “office space.”

This may be the 1st time in history we’d love to see a new bank built.