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Unsung Hero #146

Alert — and grateful — “06880” reader Karin Kessler writes:

Tom from Cousins Carting as an unsung hero. I noticed recently he comes to my house for trash and recycling pickups later and later. I realized that with everyone staying at home during the pandemic, plus the amount of online items arriving in boxes, he must be overwhelmed.

I asked him about the amount of garbage he is dealing with. He just smiled, shook his head and rolled his eyes.

Tom of Cousins Carting.

He has to be exhausted. I know my trash has increased, especially recycling with all of the boxes. I can’t imagine what we would do without him. The lines at the transfer station would be backed up for miles. I truly appreciate his hard work.

Thanks, Karin. I’m sure Tom and Cousins Carting are not the only refuse workers whose loads — and hours — have increased enormously. Let’s give them all a hand (in more ways than one). I’m sure a few extra bucks would not hurt either.

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