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A Wonderful Wedding: The Sequel

This morning’s story about Friday’s Old Mill Beach wedding brought a smile to many readers’ faces.

But Steven Rawlings and Reka Reisinger’s ceremony was not the only marriage people were talking about that day.

The officiant was Justice of the Peace Wally Meyer. He’s a longtime resident of Old Mill.

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy destroyed Wally’s home. He had lived there for decades with Joan Beauvais. Both moved in next door, with noted artist and Staples High School Class of 1962 graduate Clark Hanford.

Wally Meyer and Joan Beauvais, in the 1990s.

Actually, Wally and Joan were more than friends.

At the end of Friday’s wedding ceremony, Wally added an unexpected twist. He asked — sweetly, emotionally and lovingly — Joan to marry him.

Yesterday, Joan said yes.

Now Isaac and Ellen Sonsino — the neighbors who did an amazing job helping arrange Steven and Reka’s wedding — are doing the same for Wally and Joan.

It’s tentatively planned — very soon — at Old Mill.

The entire “06880” community — online and here in town — congratulates Wally and Joan, and wishes them all the best.

And this is probably as good a place as any to add one final bit of news: Wally is still going strong, as sharp as ever, at 92 years old.