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Westport Attorney Wins Major Gun Law Ruling

Gun manufacturers are one step closer to being held accountable for gun deaths.

Earlier today, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that families of victims of the  Sandy Hook massacre can bring a lawsuit against Remington, which made and sold the rifle used by the killer.

The New York Times called it “a major blow to the firearms industry, (and) a significant development in the long-running battle between gun control advocates and the gun lobby.”

It could also open the way for victims’ relatives and survivors from other mass shootings to sue gun manufacturers and sellers.

Josh Koskoff

Westporter Josh Koskoff is the lead lawyer for the families.

He told the Times, “This decision was a long time in coming but it was more than worth the wait.  These families were not going to go away, no matter how long it took.”

(Click here for the full New York Times story.)