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Ciao, Citgo!

An alert “06880” reader writes:

The Citgo gas station on the Post Road, near Great Cakes, is up for sale. After 80 years in business the DeMattia family has decided to move on.

When I read that this week on WestportNow.com I instantly said,”Oh no!” My husband asked, “What’s wrong?”

He knows Citgo is my favorite gas station. He knows I pay extra to have my gas pumped there.

What he doesn’t know, though, is that I think the men at the DeMattia station are some of the nicest guys in Westport, and that I go there just because they always say “hi” (which is more than my teenage son says on some days).

My husband doesn’t know that they all know I use regular grade gas, even though my car should use a higher grade,  they always clean my windows, and they always say “thank you” (something I’m proud to say my son says all the time).

My husband doesn’t know that the DeMattia guys fill my propane tank, as well as lift it in and out of my car. They are more than happy to fill a leaky tire with air, again with a smile.

I justify spending more money on gas, because unlike my husband I do not buy coffee at Starbucks. I am happy to spend a little more money for good karma and kindness.

Men of the Citgo station: You will be missed.