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Remembering Chuck Berry

I only saw Chuck Berry perform live once.

It was in 2002, at the Levitt Pavilion’s annual fundraiser.

He was on a double bill with Little Richard.

Neither was very good. Both were well past their sell-by dates.

Chuck Berry — who died yesterday at 90 — was already 75.

Yet looking back, it’s very impressive that he was still performing — and still doing a (modified) version of his famed “duck walk.”

And how cool that I — and the rest of Westport — could see one of the true legends (and founders) of rock ‘n’ roll, right in our back yard.

That’s my only live memory of Chuck Berry.

But this is “06880,” where “Westport meets the world.” Our town is probably filled with people who played or recorded with, went into business with, or otherwise knew Chuck Berry well. (Weston too: I’m thinking of you, Keith Richards.)

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PS: Roll over, Beethoven! And tell Tchaikovsky the news.

One More Eyesore

Last summer, “06880”  turned a disapproving eye on “the ugliest building in Westport“: the Quonset hut behind the Boat Locker, on the Post Road off North Maple Avenue.

Within seconds — well, a few weeks — it was cleaned up.  It’s not exactly the Taj Mahal, but at least it’s no longer Calcutta.

Today’s target is the building between the fire station and the old Curran Cadillac — across from Five Guys, to use the most modern GPS.

It was abandoned around the time Chuck Berry sang about Maybelline‘s Coupe de Ville.

Since then it’s been all downhill.

Rotting wood, chipped paint, busted gutters — not a shred of evidence that anyone cares about the property, or plans to do something with it.

Will “06880’s” eyesore-cleaning lightning strike twice?

Stay tuned.