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Yoya: From The West Village To Sconset Square

During her 20 years as owner of Yoya, Christina Villegas grew the West Village children’s fashion store into a 60-brand neighborhood mecca. It was a true community, with European fashions moms loved.

She enjoyed living in the city. But Colombia-born Christina and her Danish husband realized they needed more space for their children. They visited nearly every town on the water, in every direction from Manhattan.

Christina Villegas, with her daughters.

Westport was love at first sight. “The vibe, the people, the beauty, the beach — I just had a feeling this was the right place,” Christina says.

They bought a house that had been on the market a while. She commuted to Yoya, while also renovating her new home.

Then COVID struck. Her rent — which had already increased dramatically — proved too much to handle. Christina made the heartbreaking decision to close.

But as that West Village door closed, a new Westport door opened. Christina found 2nd-floor space in Sconset Square — above Bespoke Designs — to open a new Yoya.

Sconset Square Yoya, above Bespoke Designs.

That too felt right. She’s surrounded by “cool stores and creative people.” She loves the vibe that property owner David Waldman has created there.

Yoya highlights Christina’s multicultural perspective on children’s clothing, carrying nearly 2 dozen brands. She also offers fun women’s wear, and interior design.

The shop opened at the end of December. Customers are excited, the owner says. “There are some cute kids’ stores in Westport,” she notes. “But this really focuses on design and visuals.”

Christina Villegas, with some of her selections.

Sconset Square is not the West Village. But, Christina says, her New York neighborhoods “seemed like a small town.”

Now she’s in a real one. starting her second act on the second floor.