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Unsung Hero #31

Mitchell Lester has worn glasses for 58 years.

For several months, he knew it was time to get his eyes re-checked. (Not being able to see anything was a clue.)

The day before New Year’s Eve, his (very old) glasses slid off his face, onto the floor.

Mitchell called Specs. Owner Chris Cannella was all set to close his Post Road East shop for the day. But he said “come on over”; he’d see what he could do.

Specs is on Post Road East, a few doors down from Patagonia.

No surprise: The frames needed soldering. They’d have to be sent out. By the time they were ready Mitchell would be away, enjoying a tropical vacation. (If he could see what he was doing.)

Oh well.

But the next morning — Sunday, December 31 — Mitchell’s phone rang. Chris called — Mitchell thinks he tracked him down through that long-ago purchase —  and said, “Come on down.”

Chris thought he had frames he could fit the still-usable lenses into. Mitchell headed over.

But the frames were too big for the lenses.

So Chris found some smaller frames. He spent an hour cutting the lenses down to size. Then he told Mitchell to keep them until he got his eyes re-checked.

Mitchell Lester’s new specs.

At that point, Chris will pick out new frames.

At Specs, of course.

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