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Nobody Here But Us Chickens

Katherine Hooper is a talented Westport photographer.  Recently, she started a blog based on her intriguing shots.

One post showed this photo, from Newtown Turnpike:

Katherine wrote:

There is a strange phenomenon going on where I live in Westport, CT.  It seems everyone in town wants to be a chicken farmer.

Doctors, Wall Street guys, real estate agents, yada yada yada, all seem to have sprung chicken coops in their backyards over night.  Westport is an upscale surburban community about an hour from Manhattan.  Here you would expect the members of the community to exercise too much, travel the globe and get overly involved in their kids sports.

This all may be true but Westport can also be a real small town where people get involved in local causes, care about their neighbors, the environment and appreciate the basics.  I believe Westporters want to make the world a better place and start right here at home.

Now I am not sure what raising chickens has to do with all this but I love receiving fresh eggs from all my friends and taking pics of all the new chicks in town!

Among those chicks:

This one’s from Cypress Pond Road.

Just a few days earlier I’d seen chickens at a friend’s house, on Bayberry Lane.

Clearly, this is a case of chickens coming home to Westport to roost.