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Mourning 2 Sycamores

Trees falling in forests may or may not make sounds.

Those chopped down on the Post Road definitely create noise.

Two alert “06880” readers emailed me about the 2 big sycamores felled this week at the site of the former Brook Cafe, across Cedar Road from Starbucks.

Brook 2

Jo Ann Davidson — who took these pictures — wrote:

Nobody was there to ask about it. Could they have been planted by the Beautification Committee years ago? Do we have a tree warden anymore?

The Post Road landscaping distinguishes our section from neighboring towns. Big trees cool all that pavement. I am sad to see 2 of them disappear.

I’m not sure if they were part of the 1970s-era Post Road beautification project — an effort that continues to bear fruit. We do have a tree warden, but he is very part-time. And he does not live in Westport.

Brook 1

Another alert reader wrote:

Who makes a decision like this? Who paid for the cutting? Weren’t the trees within 10 feet of the road? If so, didn’t it need to be approved by the town? Don’t the Green Task Force, Tree Board or Beautification Committee get involved with a decision like this? These were extremely healthy trees and balanced the corner nicely with those in front of Starbucks.  It is outrageous that the trees were taken down to leave yet another barren landscape.

When the town put sewers on that stretch of road, they removed 2 trees from in front of Sherwood Diner. The town never replaced them.

When I asked the diner owner about the tree removal, he lamented that his electric bills for AC had sky-rocketed during the summer months.  Yet there still are no trees in front of Sherwood.

It is such a simple thing to help make Westport a beautiful place.  It starts with not removing healthy trees and greenery.

Brook 3