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Caroline Almonte’s Little League Tale

Caroline Schillaci Almonte writes:

I know that no town is perfect. But I have to say Westport came pretty close to it on Saturday.

My 6th grade son Elias — a first-time Little League player — was allowed to pitch his first game today.

Elias is not only new to the game of baseball, but he also has special needs. He has been driving his very patient coaches crazy all season to let him pitch. His dream finally came true.

Now on the mound for the Angels: Elias Almonte!

He had a tough time locating his pitches. Yet the opposing players and coaches were nice enough to allow for a few strikeouts.

My son beamed, as both teams clapped and cheered for him. He hugged everyone — his teammates, and the other team.

I realized he needed this win today.

I would like to thank our Angels coaches, Gama and Adrian, the Rangers coaches, the players on both teams, and especially the parents of these players. You should b eproud of the fact that you have raised kind, empathetic children.

I am proud to be part of such a great community.

Elias Almonte (right) with teammates, earlier this year.