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Sean Mulcahy: From Sports Pages To The Wall Street Journal

Staples graduate Sean Mulcahy is looking for Wall Street work.

Normally, that’s not worthy of an “06880” post. 

And certainly not a long story — plus photo — in The Wall Street Journal.

Sean Mulcahy in his football -- not Wall Street -- days. (Photo courtesy of the Carolina Panthers/Wall Street Journal)

But Mulcahy is also a former pro football player — he spent time with the Cincinnati Bengals and Carolina Panthers.  The football/finance/Fairfield County combination must have intrigued the Journal enough that today they sicced 3 experts on him.

The trio — executive search/career services folks — critiqued his resume for the paper’s “Careers” feature.

They were tougher than Vince Lombardi, that’s for sure.

Mulcahy’s resume was not visually appealing or easy to read, they said.

There’s no summary statement.  But there are grammatical errors and “style inconsistencies.”

And — are you sitting down? — he’s got diamond bullets ◊ instead of round ones •

No wonder he’s sent out 150 resumes since getting laid off from Merrill Lynch in December, and is still looking.

On the upside, his wealth management experience and NFL career are pluses.

One expert says Mulcahy should “go into more detail and really highlight excellence, stamina, perseverance as well as communication skills, leadership and adaptability.  He needs to make the bridge for the reader on how his very able sports skills have well prepared him.”

And lose those diamond bullet points, son.  Drop and give me 50!