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Giorgio: The Sequel

Earlier this month, I wrote about the day in 1977 when Giorgio Chinaglia and the New York Cosmos played an exhibition soccer match at Green’s Farms Academy.

Carlos Almeida posted a comment, noting that the Cosmos played on Beachside Avenue not once, but twice.

The 2nd time was nearly 6 years later. In the spring of 1983, the world-famous NASL team returned to Westport. This time their opponent was the University of Connecticut — with a goalkeeper from Danbury named Carlos Almeida.

Two years earlier, the Huskies had won the national championship. This time, Carlos recalls, “the Cosmos took it easy on us.”

By 1983, superstars Pele, Franz Beckenbauer and Carlos Alberto were retired. But Giorgio Chinaglia — chain-smoking, moody, and as electrifying a goal scorer as ever — was there.

Carlos sent a few photos of that day. It was his last game for UConn. What a way to go out, he says — against his favorite pro team.

And it all happened on a tiny field, tucked away behind a small private school in Westport.

The Cosmos (blue) pose for a photo with the University of Connecticut. Giorgio Chinaglia is just out of the frame; he was next to #8 Vladislav Bogicevic (first row, far right). Carlos Almeida is the goalkeeper in the front row, wearing yellow.

University of Connecticut head coach Joe Morrone gives a halftime talk to his team at Green's Farms Academy. Note the fans hanging from a tree on the left.