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Car Thieves Strike Again

Last night and early this morning, unlocked vehicles in several Westport neighborhoods were burglarized.

Westport Police received reports from both ends of Greens Farms Road, and the Old Mill Beach area. In addition, an unlocked vehicle — with the keys in it — was stolen from the Compo Beach area.

Police expect more reports as the day goes on.

The department says:

Please let these incidents serve as a reminder that vehicle break-ins and vehicle thefts continue to occur in ours and neighboring communities at great frequency; especially in the overnight hours.

In the majority of Westport cases of vehicles being entered which resulted in thefts of goods from within, the doors were left unlocked. In almost all Westport cases of vehicles being stolen, keys were left inside an unlocked vehicle.

The vast majority of these suspects do not wish to take the time to attempt to force entry into a vehicle. This is especially true in the overnight hours, when doing so could create a significant amount of noise that would draw the unwanted attention of otherwise sleeping neighborhoods. When encountering locked vehicles, these suspects almost always simply move on to the next possible target. We therefore strongly implore our residents not to fall victim to these types of crimes.

Preventive measures taken by the community coupled with the vigilance of our officers is the key to safeguarding our neighborhoods. We ask that you please always lock your car and bring your keys inside. Please remember to take valuables out of your car for the night, such as purses, wallets and electronics, and never leave these items out in plain view within. even if the vehicle is locked.

It is also good practice to keep outside lights on and motion lights activated. Lock your residence and arm the security system, if your home is equipped with one.

We also ask that you please notify the police department if it appears that your vehicle was entered or if you should observe anything suspicious in your neighborhood. No one knows your neighborhood better than you do, and the information you provide is always vital to our crime prevention efforts.

Anyone with information about these incidents should call the detective bureau: 203-341-6080.