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Who You Gonna Call?

Bob Rogers — president of Coastal Tree Experts — has a well-deserved reputation for excellent work, and concern for Westport. Recently, for example, he donated Coastal’s services to Earthplace, for some very important work.

But Bob cares about far more than just customers and their trees.

Recently, he and his company saved not 1, but 2, cats stuck in trees. One was up there for 13 days; the other, 8.

Checking out the scene.

Checking out the scene.

Bob says that he is not in the business of cat rescuing.

But if the job needs to be done, he’s happy to do it.

Just before the rescue, after 8 days in a tree.

Just before the rescue, after 8 days in a tree.

John Weymouth rescues Foo-Foo on Side Hill Road:

(Hat tip to Betsy Pollak)

Free Basement Pumping!

Your power may be off, but this news will warm you for a long time:

As a community service, Bob Rogers of Coastal Tree and Landscape has volunteered to pump out flooded basements — at no cost!

His number is 203-226-7721.

An entire town thanks you, Bob!

PS:  Additions to the list of open spots for internet and electrical charging:  the Westport Arts Center, 51 Riverside Avenue (Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sunday, 12-4 p.m.) and the Westport Historical Society across from Town Hall.