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Unsung Hero #270

Virtual bingo began as a desperate diversion during the early days of COVID.

Now entering its fourth year, the weekly games continue — and continue to raise money for worthy causes.

Bingo on Zoom was started by Stan Witkow. He and his wife Susan still host them, from their Westport home: the Bingodrome. (They also host when they’re traveling — something they enjoy doing, now that COVID has eased.)

Run for half hour every Thursday, beginning at 7:30 p.m., it’s “pay to play.” But each week, the winner donates their haul to charity.

Each winner chooses his or her favorite organization.

A screenshot from the virtual Bingo game.

The original charities were pandemic-related. They now range from local non-profits to international ones, like World Food Kitchen and others aiding Ukraine.

There’s also a booby prize for the biggest loser. It’s underwritten by Phyllis Hirschfield and Sid Schnoll.

The Witkows’ game began with their Westport friends. Today it draws players from around the country. Many have never met in person.

Some never miss a game. Others join when they can. There’s no commitment (other than to have fun, and pony up $5).

For all they’ve done for 3 years’ worth of charities, Stan and Susan Witkow are this week’s Unsung Heroes. Thank you!

PS: To buy your $5 bingo card, join the game and support your favorite non-profit, email Stan@Witkow.com(Hat tip: Jennifer Pressman)

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