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Once A Wrecker…

Finding a good birthday gift is hard.

It’s especially tough for someone who’s turning 80 years old. By that time in life, you’ve pretty much gotten everything.

But this 80-year-old was Bill Klemish. He lives in Florida now, but still remembers the 1950 Staples football team. He was captain, and they were undefeated.

A quick note to Dan DeVito — president of the Staples Gridiron Club — was all it took. Dan sent a Wreckers sweatshirt, and a nice note.

Bev Breault (Staples Class of 1952) presents Bill Klemish with his Staples football sweatshirt.

Bev Breault (Staples Class of 1952) presents Bill Klemish with his Staples football sweatshirt.

The guests at Bill’s party  — held at his daughter Marilyn’s home near Sarasota — could certainly relate to Staples. Their names read like a Who’s Who of Westport: Marge Santella, Bev Breault, Carole Maddock, Ann and Don Rully, Barbara Allen Yamnicky, Bunny Maier, Jack Lauterbach, Bob Duffy, John Hastings; Bill, John Michael and Mary Kate Klemish, Florence Dohanos, Linda Gilchrist, Jenny Walton, Bill and Mary Ann Stirling, Althea D’Aiuto, Jessie Huberty and Ardela Whortley.

Ray Maddock was there too. He and Bill have a lot more in common that Staples football. They’ve been friends since kindergarten in Westport — 75 short years ago.

Westport: The Unvarnished View

Bev Breault calls herself “a proud Westporter.” She hasn’t lived here for a long time — but she still loves her hometown. (And keeps up with it via “06880.”)

The other day, she was here for her 60th Staples reunion. The classes of 1951 and ’52 got together for what Bev says were “4 days of partying.” Harry Truman may have been president when they graduated, but they know how to rock the house.

Bev sent along some thoughts. They’re not about the reunion — no one really cares about those stories, unless you were the one reuning. Instead, they’re about her beloved Westport.

The Staples High School that the classes of 1951 and ’52 remember.

“I drove all around, and found the town gorgeous,” she says. “Plantings and flowers all over (donated, I assume, by various nurseries.)

“There’s new facing on downtown stores. I found the salespeople absolutely gracious.”

Bev also says the women “looked like Stepford Wives. Tennies, racquets, long straight hair pulled back in a pony tail.”

But wait! Don’t hit the “Comment” button quite yet.

“Don’t I wish I could run around like that!” Bev says. “I’m not criticizing. I love my Westport!”

Bev Breault (far right) enjoys the beach — and all of Westport — along with (from left) Judy Morlen Mott, Jessie Thompson Huberty and Dale Brock Wortley.

Many of her 60 fellow reunion-goers shared her good feelings. (They also wished the Westport Inn would cut them a break on price.)

In fact — I know I said wouldn’t report on the event, but these almost-80-somethings deserve some props — though they’d planned on this as their final reunion, everyone said “no way.” They’re already planning the next one.

“Are we still alive?” Bev asks.

“You bet!”

And — with the bravado of every class ever to graduate from Staples (or anywhere) — Bev says, “Our combined ‘5 and ’52 classes are a legend in our own time. I can’t think of any older class that has followed through like us. Here we go again planning for more!”

Tennis, anyone?