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Ho Ho No?

New lights on the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge are not enough for at least one “06880” reader.

“After living several years in Westport, I am still amazed at how bland, boring and non-Christmas-supporting its lack of decorations are,” he writes.

“I know they spent some cash on new lights and festive snowflakes. But there is almost no spirit in shopping here.”

Holiday lights, 2015.

He’s heard blame placed on several culprits: “90-plus-year-olds running the town. Corporate store locations not supporting Xmas decorations downtown. I’ve even heard it said that it’s a Jewish town, and therefore not celebrating.”

All of those reasons, he says, “sound like nonsense. I’m from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I’m used to people singing on street corners, and the festive spirit being alive. I don’t understand Westport’s total lack of caring.”

The reader asks about the history behind this. “I’ve heard our wonderful downtown used to be awash with lights and Christmas spirit in the past. A place people would want to celebrate and shop. Seems like it would be a good story, if you feel anyone would care.”

Wow! That’s a lot to mull on (over hot cider).

A few thoughts come to mind:

  • Who are these “90-plus-year-olds” running Westport?
  • Is this really a “Jewish town”?
  • Why wouldn’t a place called Bethlehem be awash in Christmas spirit?

And of course:

  • Is it true?
  • Did this used to be a place filled with lights and Christmas spirit?
  • Is there really a “total lack of caring” for the holidays?

I have my own ideas. But I want to hear yours. Click “Comments” below.

Merry Christmas!

In 2015, a snowflake glistened near Oscar’s.