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Roundup: Budget, Westport10, Gravity …

Last night, Westport did easily something the US Congress struggles with.

It passed a budget.

The Representative Town Meeting approved the town side of spending for 2023-24: $81.3 million.

The Board of Education Budget — approximately $152 million — will be debated tonight (7:30 p.m., Town Hall). If approval does not come tonight, a second meeting could be held tomorrow, at the same time and place.

The town budget passed unanimously. It included the Transit District’s full budget of $291,231, which was approved 33-1 after having been lowered by the Board of Finance to eliminate Wheels2U service. Louis Mall voted nay, while Peter Gold — who also serves as the Transit Director director — abstained.

Gold said he and his colleagues received over 325 letters in support of restoration. He said, “Their emails made it clear just how much the Wheels2U service means to all segments of the Westport population, and to those who commute to work in Westport.”


The other day, News12 reported on Westport10 — the social and networking group of Black men and their families, whose mission is to make Westport a more diverse and welcoming town.

Yesterday, they aired a second segment. This one focuses on founder Jay Norris, and several other members. It’s a great look at another important slice of Westport life. Click here to see.

Westport10, on the News12 website.


Speaking of Jay Norris:

He’s helping organize tonight’s Common Ground session at the Westport Library (Tuesday, 7 p.m.).

The event includes a conversation with former Congressman Roy Blunt — a Missouri Republican known for his bipartisan work — and Steve Parrish, whose consulting firm specializes in corporate social responsibility and public affairs.

The aim of the initiative is to host positive, productive conversations on how we work together as a civil society, encouraging respectful, constructive dialogue while tackling challenging, controversial issues.

The Library leads the effort, with community leaders representing a wide array of constituents and views. Click here for more information.

Senator Roy Blunt


As Frederic Chiu and Jeanine Esposito prepare to sell their beloved Beechwood estate, they’re planning one last event.

They’re partnering with realtor Cyd Hamer to give prospective buyers a very cool look inside. A “Spring Soirée” this Sunday (May 7, 3 to 6 p.m.) includes 3 mini-concerts by Frederic, the internationally renowned pianist.

Each will be followed by a house tour of secret spaces and buildings, with Champagne and sweet bites.

Space is limited; all guests must click here to register.

Beechwood House, with its magnificent copper beech tree.


“Einstein’s Ears: The New Astronomy of Gravitational Waves” is the topic of the next Westport Astronomical Society webinar.

Scott Hughes, associate professor of physicals at the Massachusetts Institute of Technbology, talks about the quest for gravitational waves, and all kinds of related stuff.

It’s May 16 (8 p.m.). Click here for the Zoom link; click here to watch on YouTube.


Save the date: MoCA Westport’s annual arts celebration/fundraiser “The Surrealist Soirée: A Bash Beyond Reality” is set for September 30.

Tickets start at $325 per person. Click here for more information.


This bobcat sits serenely for his “Westport … Naturally” close-up.

(Photo/Sean Hogan)

But there was plenty of action nearby. Photographer Sean Hogan spotted this guy on Bay Street — right near the heart of downtown.

Or course, he has every right to be there. His crew was here long before ours.


And finally … in honor of the upcoming Westport Astronomical Society lecture:

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