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‘All The News Unfit To Print’

For a decade, as host of “Fox News Watch,” Eric Burns analyzed modern media.

Now the Westporter is doing the same for media heroes like Ben Franklin, Sam Adams and Mark Twain.  Just like today, he says, they screw up.

Eric BurnsHis new book, All the News Unfit to Print:  How Things Were…and How They Were Reported proves that journalists often get history wrong.

Over time those errors are magnified.   Our understanding of the past becomes distorted.

If you’re in Tribeca this Monday evening at 7, you can hear Eric talk about Unfit at the Barnes & Noble (97 Warren Street).  An added attraction:  C-SPAN is taping the presentation for “Book World.”

If — more likely — you spend nights in Westport, Eric will be at the Library the following Monday, May 18 (7:30 p.m.).

After hearing about so much news “unfit to print,” maybe it’s good that print journalism is dying.  After all, bloggers never make misteaks mistakes.