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Saugatuck Students And Art: It’s Elementary!

Austin Charise is a 5th grader at Saugatuck Elementary School. His sister Ashley is in 4th grade there. 

They created 2 graet projects they want to share with “06880” readers. As you read about them, you’ll realize: Our future is in good hands. Austin writes:

The first project was an effort to allow student artists to have their art seen and appreciated.

During COVID, I had a lot more stress. Art was a great way to help take my mind off things, but I really wanted to be able to share my art with others (and maybe even sell it!).

Because we were trying to limit electronics during COVID as much as possible, selling online wasn’t really an option, so I had the idea to get a booth with my sister at the Westport Fine Arts Festival May 29 and 30. We went a few years ago and really loved it.

We’ve had the idea since then. But we learned the festival is a serious show. You have to be invited!

Ashley and Austin Charise, and their art.

But the committee thought that if a local company sponsored a student artist booth, we might be able to make our idea happen. We worked with the Westport Downtown Association and my parents’ local businesses to sponsor an art booth for young artists.

Any Westport elementary school student can enter their art for exhibit and sale at the show. We’ve already arranged for the tent and have been able to borrow the exhibit panels from Mr. Miggs Burroughs with the Drew Friedman Community Arts Center!

The second project is one my whole family is working on. We are saving money to be able to build a school in Malawi, but it is quite expensive. My sister agreed to help raise part of the money in order to be able to do it. So, we put the 2 ideas together.

Student artists can pay a $20 exhibit fee for each piece of art they want to show. They also can name the price they would like for their art piece. If the art sells, they receive 80% of the proceeds and 20% will also go towards charity. All the money raised from entry fees and the sales percentage will go toward the charity BuildOn.

Students can submit art via this link (click here). The art and $20 entry fee (cash or check) can be submitted to 39 Imperial Avenue, Westport, CT 06880. Venmo: @ChristyCharise.

Questions? Email christy.charise@nm.com, or call 917-414-8599.