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Anthropologie Floods; More Storms Ahead?

When Bedford Square was built, a state-of-the-art, expensive flood control system in the basement promised to eliminate the problems that bedeviled the YMCA, when it stood on that same Post Road/Main Street corner.

The issue was not water pouring in from outside. Instead, it rose from beneath the structure.

The new system might handle most rains. But yesterday’s torrent — up to 7 inches in 4 hours — overwhelmed even this design.

Anthropologie — the 40,000-square foot anchor tenant in the still-new retail/restaurant/residential complex — is closed today. A large crew of workers are cleaning and vacuuming, after 6 to 8 inches of water filled the basement level.

Pumping out Anthropologie.

Our weather woes may not be over. The National Weather Service warns of possible severe thunderstorms tonight, with gusty winds and heavy rain.

One view of the basement level …

… and another.

The view from outside …

… and the front door.