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Bill Scheffler’s Benz Is A Movie Star

There’s something about Michael Douglas and Westport cars.

Growing up here, he was a member of the Downshifters — the high school club that met at the Y to talk about, learn about, work on (and sometimes race) cars.

Last summer, he filmed “And So It Goes” in Bridgeport. Directed by Rob Reiner, and also starring Diane Keaton, it’s about a self-absorbed realtor suddenly left in charge of a granddaughter he never knew existed until his estranged son drops her off. It was released last week.

Besides the familiar Black Rock scenes (and familiar former Westport actor), there’s a familiar car.

Michael Douglas driving Bill Scheffler's Mercedes.

Michael Douglas driving Bill Scheffler’s Mercedes.

Westporter Bill Scheffler’s 1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SE Cabriolet takes a star turn. With the star.

Douglas drives it — and it is featured prominently in the promos.

Scheffler bought the Benz in January 2013, at a Scottsdale auction. It’s a fairly limited production car — about 3100 hard tops and convertibles were made over the model’s 6-year life — and was built to rigorous standards.

The auction catalogue says the 300SE offered “a stirring combination of luxury and performance along with technical specifications better than anything else of its era.”

So how did Scheffler’s car make it onto Rob Reiner’s set?

It was spotted by a “talent scout/car wrangler” while being restored in Stratford.

And so it goes.

Michael Douglas poster




And So It Goes

Word on the street is that Rob Reiner is on the street.

Have you seen this man?

Have you seen this man?

The acclaimed director/former Meathead’s current project is “And So It Goes.” The romantic comedy is being filmed in Black Rock and other Bridgeport locations — and the rumor mill has Reiner renting a house in Westport. He’s also been spotted in a restaurant here.

Diane Keaton, Michael Douglas and Frankie Valli star in the film, about a self-absorbed, eccentric realtor who is shocked to find a granddaughter he never knew he had.

For Douglas, this marks a return to the area. He spent part of his teenage years on  Whitney Street.

As for Valli — well, he headlined a Levitt Pavilion fundraiser a few years ago…