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The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Most Sunday mornings, I buy my Times at CVS. That early, the store is empty. There are no lines. And the staff — especially always-smiling Phil, just coming off a long shift — is friendly and helpful.

The rest of the time, the place is nuts.

But let an alert “06880” reader — a woman who wishes to remain anonymous — tell her tale.

I need to vent about the CVS pharmacy lines! Over the 3 years I’ve lived here, it’s gone from driving back from the doctor’s office, popping into CVS and picking up the prescription in less than 15 minutes, to now almost a 3-hour wait tonight.

I have a sick 1 1/2-year-old with an ear infection and needed to get a dose before bedtime. I was at the doctor’s at 2:15. They called in the prescription while I was there. So I went directly to CVS. I figured I’d have to wait a bit, but wanted it ASAP.

I waited in a ridiculously long line, only to be told it would be a 2-hour wait. I returned 2 hours later. They said my prescription hadn’t even been called in, which was untrue.

So they checked and discovered it had been. They told me 5 minutes, which turned into another half hour. By 5:30 I was rushing to get out of there and get the medicine in my son so we could all get some sleep tonight.

I was not the only sad story tonight.  There were many people almost traumatized by their individual situations and long lines. I asked the guy handing drop-offs what was going on. He said that since Walgreens stopped accepting express Rx (?), CVS now handles all of those customers. When I asked how they planned to address this increase in drug traffic, he shrugged his shoulders.

I think I’m about to take my business elsewhere. After spending an entire afternoon trying to obtain this prescription, it would have been more efficient if I had just driven to Fairfield.

Any thoughts on CVS? Walgreens? Achorns? Where do you get your prescriptions filled — and what’s your experience with customer service?

Meanwhile, don’t get me started on that CVS parking lot. Why do you think I only go there on Sunday mornings?