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There’s Always A First Time

Some things in life are worth waiting for.  Like 85 years for a New York gallery opening.

Susan Malloy has been a lifelong painter.  For just as long, she’s contributed both her talent and her philanthropy to the Westport arts scene — most recently the acclaimed “Years in the Making” film.

"Maybe Manhattan" (2008)

"Maybe Manhattan" (2008)

But until last week, Susan never had a New York gallery show.

Thanks to “Visions of New York,” she can strike that off her to-do list.

“Visions” features paintings of skyscrapers, in a city Susan knows well.  She grew up on the West Side.  After college she lived in Greenwich Village; she married Edwin, then moved to the East Side.

Susan and Edwin moved to Westport in 1967.  But she’s “a New Yorker with images in my head” — and that’s what the show is about.

“Visions” opened Thursday evening at the ACA Galleries in Chelsea.  A horde of Susan’s relatives and Westport friends attended.

Those Westport friends go back a long way.  Susan’s family began summering in Westport in 1937.  Their 1st home was on the corner of Bayberry Lane and Cross Highway — the spot known later as “the Ashford and Simpson house,” now the site of Doug and Melissa Bernstein’s new home.

The Malloys and their 2 kids lived in 3 Westport houses.  In 1986 she and Edwin moved to Dogwood Lane.  Her studio is now there.

“It was the most wonderful thing,” she said, reveling in the post-show glow the morning after it opened. “So many people were there, and the paintings looked great.”

(Photo by Dave Matlow)

(Photo by Dave Matlow)

How significant is a New York gallery show for an octogenarian?

“It’s everything,” Susan said.  “That’s always what you aim for.”

So when is her next New York show?

“Oh, I have no idea,” she said.  “I haven’t thought that far ahead.”

(ACA Galleries is at 529 W. 20th Street, New York. The phone number is 212-206-8080.)