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Friday Flashback #300

The end of the school year is near. It’s time for long-lived traditions, like proms and yearbooks. Some things never go out of style.

But some do.

Staples High School’s senior prom went off flawlessly last Saturday. Nearly 500 soon-to-be-graduates and friends had a great time at the Greenwich Hyatt.

They were not, however, given official gifts like those given 30 or some years ago: beer mugs, complete with the Staples seal. If I recall correctly, there was even a slogan: “Raise a stein, to the Class of ’89.”

And the 2022 Staples yearbook will definitely not contain a photo like this one, from 1975:

The caption about this supposed “club” reads: “The Trojans are most widely known for their desire to refresh themselves before, during and after competition ….The Trojans have always been an asset to Staples.”

Of course, the legal drinking age in Connecticut at the time was 18. (It was lowered from 21 in 1972, then raised to 19 in 1982, 20 in 1983, and back to 21 in 1985.)

But if that kid in the lower left was 18, then my name is Joseph Schlitz.