Police Search For Missing 15-Year-Old

At 3:30 p.m. today, Westport Police responded to a report of a missing 15-year-old from the Newman’s Preserve Trail.

Maxwell Yeater is approximately 5’7” tall, and weighs 125 pounds. He was wearing navy blue shorts and a navy-blue sweatshirt

Anyone with information that can help locate Maxwell should call the Westport Police Department: 203-341-6000.

Maxwell Yeater

11 responses to “Police Search For Missing 15-Year-Old

  1. Is there anything the community can do to help look for him?

  2. Every parent’s nightmare.

  3. Thinking about him and praying for a safe return of this young man 🙏🙏🙏

  4. The Newman Poses Preserve is roughly 30 acres. If he is at that location, it wouldn’t take an extensive number of people to thoroughly search within a few hours. Prayers are welcome but let’s look for him, even if middle of the night. Don’t want him to freeze to death overnight because he sprained an ankle and couldn’t walk back to entrance.

  5. Any update?

  6. Any update?

  7. According to Patch, nothing new as of 9:46pm. and 30 acres is a very small area to search.

  8. Apparently his scooter and phone were found in the park (this was reported on Westport Front Porch on FB).

    Without any specific information, it certainly makes it more difficult for residents to be helpful in a meaningful way.

    Do they think he became physically lost in this fairly small outdoor space? Does the family think he met someone with whom he left?

    I understand the privacy of the family is being protected, but local authorities should help us to help them, rather than vaguely saying “if you know anything…”

  9. Unusual for someone to leave their phone. That’s a red flag for me!

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