Roundup: Israel Signs, PAL Auction, Crowdsourcing …

Yesterday,”06880″ reported on antisemitic signs in Weston.

Yesterday morning too, a sign with an Israeli flag was found defaced at the corner of Coleytown and Lyons Plains Roads — just a few yards from Temple Israel.

The message is clear: “Israel has blood on its hands.”

The incident was reported to the Westport Police, FBI and Secure Community Network.

At the same time, Weston Police learned that one Israel sign was stolen from a resident’s property, and 2 other flag signs were defaced similar to the one in Westport.

Weston Police are conducting neighborhood canvases and checking residential security cameras. They ask anyone with information to call 203-222-2600.


The Westport PAL online auction now open contains the usual great local items, like gift certificates and sports tickets.

But there are a few special items too that we haven’t seen anywhere else, including a 3-month membership to the private Autostrada club, 5 hour-long boxing sessions with Rich Dean, and the chance to be police or fire chief for the day.

Click here for the full list, and to bid. Funds help build the new PAL clubhouse at PJ Romano Field. The auction ends this Thursday (November 2) at 9 p.m.

The Autostrada lounge overlooks the private car collection.


The National Charity League fosters mother-daughter relationships through a 6-year program of community service, leadership development and cultural experiences.

The Westport chapter has more than 275 members — women and their daughters in grades 7-12 — and provides volunteer support to over 30 non-profits.

Mothers of 6th grade girls are welcome to apply. Click here for more information, or email


After graduating from Staples High School in 2009, Cronin Cullen became an actor, filmmaker and producer.

His latest project, “12 Hours,” is about a single mother’s desperate night-long search for her fentanyl-addicted son. It is based on true events from the writer/ director, Kelly Stanphill.

The issue is close to Cronin’s heart. He has lost Westport friends to substance abuse.

A crowdsourcing campaign launched last week. All donations are tax-deductible. Click here for more information, and to contribute.

Cronin Cullen


Today’s “Westport … Naturally” feature shows Axel. He dressed up in Hawaiian garb this weekend, to enjoy a day at the beach.

(Photo/Melissa Sobil Zitomer)


And finally … When I was a kid growing up in Westport, Halloween Eve was called “Mischief Night.” Fortunately, the statute of limitations is long past. (Don’t ask about the time I tossed my own parents’ mailbox into the pond across the street.)

In some parts of the country, it’s called Devil’s Night. Enjoy!

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4 responses to “Roundup: Israel Signs, PAL Auction, Crowdsourcing …

  1. Also, don’t ask about the time I emptied a box of soap in the fountain at La Normandie.

  2. Blood on whose hands? My interpretation is that is to remind us of the blood on the hands of the killers who deliberately murdered over 1,400 people. Never forget!

  3. Richard and Eleanor Lowenstein

    Blood on whose hands? My interpretation is that it reminds us of the blood on the hands of the killers who deliberately murdered over 1,400 people. Never forget!

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