Unsung Hero #307

One of the hidden treasures of a visit to Dr. Nikki Gorman’s Village Pediatrics is  the Storywalk, behind her Riverside Avenue office.

There, by the Saugatuck River, a rotating series of books entertains youngsters.

Dr. Nikki is also Girl Scout leader. Now, one of her troop members is curating a series of 3 books. Changing seasonally, all raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues, in  a fun setting.

The Storywalk, behind Village Pediatrics.

Sophia Lomnitz was spurred to action by the recent wave of book bans across the nation. Her first effort is “Uncle Bobby’s Wedding,” by Sarah S. Brannen.

It’s about a young girl who worries that when her favorite uncle is marrying his boyfriend, he won’t have time to play with her anymore. She realizes though that she’s not losing one uncle — she’s gaining another one.

Sophia is president of Staples High School’s Psychology Club, and a member of both the senior class committee and swim team.

Sophia Lomnitz

“I’m super proud of her,” Dr. Nikki says. “She’s been my Girl Scout for over 11 years, and is a true gem. She has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen, and she is super funny and smart. She does it all with a smile.

“I love having a Storywalk behind us, with exposure for the younger set to different ideas of families, relationships, etc. Normalization and representation are so important.

“I am so proud of Sophia for this project.  It really highlights what a kind and sensitive soul she is.”

When she leaves for college next year, Sophia will hand the Storywalk project to another Girl Scout.

Congratulations, Sophia. Quietly but impactfully, you are our Unsung Hero of the Week!

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2 responses to “Unsung Hero #307

  1. This is wonderful. So much kindness. Sophia gives me hope for our future.

  2. The “book walk” and Sophia are two of westport’s gems…Just think what a mentally challenged pair like Riano and Fitzgerald would try to do to the exposure of the books introduced on that wonderful “book walk.”
    Please make sure your vote saves us from the likes of them.

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