Unsung Heroes #306

The jolting news of Hamas’ invasion of Israel paralyzed many Westporters earlier this month. They spent the weekend trying to absorb increasingly horrific reports.

But 2 young girls did more than mourn. They swung into action.

Remi Rutstein and Allyson Post — both 11 years old — were in a car headed to a soccer tournament. They peppered the adults with questions, trying to understand what was happening.

Much of the story was above their heads. But they kept asking what they could do.

On their own, they decided to make and sell bracelets. Funds would be donated to Magen David Adom, Israel’s national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service.

Back home, Remi and Allyson made bracelets and signs. Allyson’s sister Dylan Post baked cookies.

Allyson Post and Remi Rutstein show off their bracelets.

Then they recruited friends — of many different religions — to help them make more bracelets.

In just 2 hours downtown, the girls raised $5,000. People bought bracelets, made bracelets together, talked to the girls and shared stories about being in Israel. One customer was an Israeli soldier.

Bloomberg matched it — making a $10,000 gift for Magen David Adom.

Allyson and Remi also made signs, to honk for Israel. For 2 hours, many drivers did.

Honking for Israel.

“People were so generous,” says Remi’s mom Megan Rutstein. “They left feeling inspired seeing young kids taking action.

“Melissa Post and I are so proud of our girls. They did this completely on their own. They made a real difference, and gave people a reason to smile amidst a dark time.”

Congratulations and thank you, Remi Rutstein and Allyson Post. You are both our young Heroes of the Week!

Remi Rutstein, Allyson Post and friends.

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11 responses to “Unsung Heroes #306

  1. Just flat out awesome! Girls rule.
    Thanks for posting Dan.

  2. very nice. It is much appreciated I went to Federation 4400 Park Ave and donated for Israel lawn signs. decals. buttons for 06880 to show support for Israel. the signs are free. You can make a donation to help. Thabks for taking part My family is grateful for your good mitzvah.

  3. Kathryn D Coster


  4. It’s wonderful to see these young girls jumping in so enthusiastically to help people in need. They are our future, and they give me hope for it.

  5. This is so wonderful…The Girls and their ideas and Westport’s response. The future is in good hands as the young girls grown into adult hood.

  6. So proud of them! Such big hearts! Awesome!

  7. Heather Hamilton

    It was inspiring! Well done girls!

  8. Thank you girls for shinning a light on what goodness and compassion can look like to the world.

  9. This is amazing! All of these girls (and their parents) should be so proud!!

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