Friday Flashback #368

When the Westport Country Playhouse was renovated 20 years ago, the cramped lobby with its distinctive smell was transformed into a large, modern space.

Theater-goers worried that the historic posters lining the wooden walls would be lost.

They’re still there, keeping the Playhouse’s long legacy alive.

The other day, this one caught my eye:

I know nothing about the show, other than famed producer/director George Abbott’s name.

But I was sure intrigued by the ticket prices. The best seat in the house was just $2. For 50 cents, you could sit (I assume) in the balcony, with a post in your way.

“Kill That Story” was staged in 1934. The Playhouse had opened just 3 years earlier. The Depression was still wreaking havoc.

But somehow, residents found the coins, or a couple of dollar bills, to go to the theater.


50 years ago this week: All 3 Westport junior high schools opened their football seasons. Long Lots and Bedford were led, respectively, by veteran head coaches Bob Yovan and Ed Hall. Coleytown’s first-year head coach was Bill Stearns, a Staples High English teacher.

Long Lots Junior High head football coach Bob Yovan (left), assistant Tom Marshall (right), and captains, in the 1970s.

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16 responses to “Friday Flashback #368

  1. That looks like Ken Lozniak, Bill Lomas, and darn – what was his name? Someone help correct my memory!

  2. It’s a little jarring seeing Coach Yovan with the long sideburns.🤨. Great photo. Jim Lomas was Staples ‘71; very nice guy and a really good athlete.

    • Staples 76 have confirmed this is Tim Reinhard, Bill Lomas (I’m sure Jim’s little brother) and Scott Harrison.

  3. Great Memories…even the soccer rivalries were great. We competed with respect for each other, as we all ended up “hanging out” downtown…movies, Friendly’s, Westport Pizzaria, and some other places!

    Talents all combined on North Avenue in the end!

  4. Eddie Hall with his “Gator” license plate was such a great guy. He was a former “Marlboro Man” and even made a pro football team in his 40s. He had a bowling league too for students. I could go on and on.

  5. Jack, was blessed to play for Coach Hall. Great man. When he was coaching NCC he jumped off the sidelines and tackled an opposing player…was classic…1978 or 1979 …he told “jimmy I got caught in the excitement and moment.”

  6. The three kids in the photo from left to right are : Tim Reinhart, Bill Lomas and Tom Kashetta. Bill was moving up to staples and he handed the ball off to Tim and I. Those were great times. All three junior high schools had their own sports teams. We played for the mythical town championship every year. Coach Yovan and Marshall were great to play for. I really miss those days !!!!

  7. The three kids in the photo are : Tim Reinhart, Bill Lomas and Tom Kashetta. All three junior high schools had the own sports teams. I was a lot of fun . Coach Yovan and Coach Marshall were great to play for. What great memories…..

  8. Scooter Swanson. Wrecker '66.

    During my tenure in the Wonder Years, there were only two (2) junior highs (Bedford and Long Lots 7-9th grade) and thus, a grand rivalry developed between the two teams as both had “varsity” teams in 9th grade. BTW, Coach Hall tried out for the Jets when they first formed and made several cuts until they found out he was 42 years old! Owned the trampoline center where Good Will is now. Fun guy, Good coach. Super flashback, Fred & Dan.

  9. I was at Long Lots from 1959 to 1961 and had a Mr. Marshall as a Social Studies teacher. Is that the same Marshall in the picture?

  10. Yes, Jack, that was Tom Marshall who taught Civics at Long Lots.

    • Thanks for your feedback, James. I guess it was Civics he taught. I remember him as a bit heavier than how he looks in this 1970s picture. The Assistant to Mr.Yovan, in 1960, was Mr. Benedetti, if I spelled that correctly. Does anyone else have Long Lots pictures to share with Dan? Also, I was hoping Westport would keep the old Long Lots and not build a new one! Really, you can’t educate in the existing Long Lots?

  11. Was Bob Yovan’s real name at one time Yovanovitch?

  12. Dan, I used to usher at the Westport Playhouse in the 70s. Call me crazy but I liked the way it smelled there! I can still imagine the full houses, most people dressed up, air conditioning cranking, and then the rush of hot humid air when the doors opened at intermission and everyone poured outside to get a drink and smoke. I hadn’t been back in many years but this summer went to see Dial M for Murder with my wife and daughter and was really impressed with the renovations. The old posters are awesome.

    • Thanks, Phil. I meant “distinctive” in a good way. I liked the way it smelled too. I can’t describe it or really remember it, but it sure was unique.

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