Pics Of The Day #2350

For some, this weekend was a washout. For others, it was a chance for a welcome walk on the beach … (Photo/Pam Docters)

… or a swim in the surf. (Photo/June Rose Whittaker)

One response to “Pics Of The Day #2350

  1. If I were on the RTM I would want to know more about the process by which a decision is being made to renovate or replace the Long Lots School before I voiced an opinion on the matter.

    I would want to see the “multiple studies” referenced in the April 21, 2023 BOE recommendation that concluded that renovation is not a feasible alternative, and I would want to know why the Building Committee was empowered to ignore and replicate those studies and consider a renovation alternative.

    I would want to know why the BOE, having issued its recommendation, sits idly by while its carefully considered plan and those “multiple studies”, (presumably undertaken at some cost to the town), and its authority as an elected body are ignored by the First Selectwoman and her appointed committee.

    I would also want to know why the Building Committee and Parks & Rec have failed and refused to engage with the gardeners and their supporters in a good faith effort to find a mutually acceptable solution to their differences, allowing only 15 minutes for public comment at their meetings.

    I would want to know whether, if the gardens cannot be maintained in their present location and configuration, there might be a feasible alternative which recognizes their importance, such as, for example, moving what can be moved and replicating what is immovable, at town expense, to a town-owned site such as that piece of Winslow Park on North Compo which is presently a construction staging area,

    If I were on the RTM I would demand answers to these questions before making up my mind or expressing my opinion in public. But hey, it’s easier just to shoot from the hip rather than do the work involved to fully understand what is going on here and how the rights of the gardeners and the public at large have been deliberately trampled in a rush to what certainly seems to be a predetermined outcome.

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