“06880” Podcast: Craig Bergamo

Craig Bergamo has a full-time job: Westport Police Department officer.

He’s also married, with young kids.

But he finds time to serve our town — and thousands of boys and girls in it — as president of the Westport Police Athletic League.

PAL sponsors sports teams. They endow scholarships. And the outdoor skating rink at Longshore — that’s theirs too.

But Craig’s personal journey is equally compelling. The other day, he joined me on the Westport Library stage, to talk about his many passions — PAL, police work, family — and how he got to where he is today.

Click below, to watch and listen:

4 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Craig Bergamo

  1. The best! We are lucky to have such a dedicated human on our Police Force and PAL. Thank you Craig for all you do for our community and your family as a devoted husband and father.

  2. Such an amazing and great guy! Westport needs more Craig Bergamos!

  3. We love Graig he is such a Great guy he does great work and cares for Westport I am lucky to call him a frind Great job buddy we are all here if you need anything from sal liccione

  4. Great interview Dan. And great that Craig was able to enlighten some about the PAL. I met Craig when he first began at the PD. I always figured he would be special, and he didn’t disappoint!!

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