Unsung Heroes #295

The garbage at Compo Beach doesn’t pick itself up.

A full Parks & Recreation Department crew ensures that the trash we — well, not you and I, but other less considerate folks — leave behind gets hauled away.

They pick up full bags. They pick up stuff that should be in bags, but isn’t.

They do it every day, from dawn until well after dusk. From the Hillspoint Road jetty, all the way past the one on South Beach.

And they do it quickly, efficiently, often.

And always with a smile.

Longtime, loyal, hard-working and popular Michael Johsnon.

Luke McManus on the job.

Dom Petrosinelli smiles. (Photos/Dan Woog)

(Photo/Matt Murray)

The next time you see the maintenance staff at work, think about all they do.

Thank them for their service.

And for their sake — and ours — take 10 seconds to put your garbage in the proper receptacle.

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16 responses to “Unsung Heroes #295

  1. Dave Donnelly


    Thank you for highlighting the wonderful job the Compo Beach Maintenance Staff does on an every-day / all-day basis.

    Calling out there good deeds is like a “Litter to the Editor” instead of a Letter to the Editor 🙂

  2. Kudos to Michael and Colleagues

  3. Rick Carpenter

    I really appreciate these guys. I see them every morning, every day making the beach a wonderful place.

  4. Quite amazing that beach-goers can be so oblivious…
    Grateful for the good work regularly done by the maintenance staff and special shout-out to Michael… he’s the best!!

  5. Jonathan Prager

    Thanks for calling attention both to the dedicated people who restore Compo’s majesty, as well as the thoughtless habits of some beach goers who defile Compo’s glory with needless detritus.

    Dan, you name Michael, yet leave the other devoted personnel unidentified.

    So they might enjoy the moment in the sun provided here (no sunscreen necessary) — as well as ongoing recognition — why not supply the names of the entire staff; at least those desirous of sharing their names.

    With Love,

    Jonathan : )

  6. Thank you so much guys! I often walk my pooch along Compo Beach in the morning and I’m always so grateful for the stunning view – much of it thanks to your hard work. BTW, your smiles are contagious 🙂

  7. I’m sure they all deserve thanks but I have to say MJ as he called is a dynamo doing his job !!

  8. Janine Scotti

    YEAH!! Someone beat me to this, I have been complementing all the staff every-time I see them! The best… the seagulls must hate them!

  9. Stephen Axthelm

    Michael Johnson is such a a fine young man with a beautiful family (love you Diane and Rady!). I had the wonderful experience of coaching his sister Bridget for several years. Seemed like Michael was at every game cheering her on. What a guy, what a brother!

  10. The entire crew is always busy keeping everything in great shape, and are always 100% friendly & courteous. Well run team – thank you!

  11. Suesue Wilkinson

    My husband and I were at the boat docks a few months ago trying to buy a water. Our credit card was not working and Michael the hero came is to us and offered to buy us a drink
    We greatfully declined. I will never forget how kind it was if jim
    So nice to jump in and help.
    People like this are Amazing!! Thank you for recognizing this team and Michael.

  12. Carl Addison Swanson, '66

    I had that job for Westport Recreation in the summer of ’67. Then, it was just the beach we picked up and then emptied the metal trash barrels up to the garbage truck. I put on 10 pounds of shoulder muscle that summer. Mostly college kids then. I guess they are busy doing their “internships” these days.

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