“06880” Blog Party: Biggest And Best Yet

If you were among the 150-plus people at Compo Beach last night for the 10th annual “06880” blog party: Thanks for helping make it the biggest ever.

And — no offense to the previous 9 — it was also the best.

The weather was perfect. The crowd was the coolest. The vibe was the warmest.

(From left): Dr. Nikki Gorman, Allegra Gatti Zemel, Amy Saperstein, Ifeseyi Gayle.

Parks & Rec did their usual outstanding job providing tables and benches

Annette Norton of Savvy + Grace did her usual wonderful work of sourcing swag (“06880” coolers for your water or beer).

Westport Downtown Association president Maxx Crowley rocks the “06880” party gift.

Connie Belta Caruso made her inaugural appearance a smash, providing an enormous cake and incredible Caesar salad.

A small portion of the food … (Photo/Johanna Keyser Rossi)

… and the huge cake. (Photo/Susan Garment)

If you were there: Thanks for coming.

If you (somehow) missed it: See you next year!

Rex Fowler and Dodie Pettit, aka Aztec Two-Step 2.0. 

(Photo/Johanna Keyser Rossi)

The incomparable Connie Belta, and her friend Tony. 

Lou Weinberg, dirctor of the Westport Community Gardens, offered homemade treats. 


Bill Scheffler and Ann Sheffer. (Photo/Jo Shields Sherman)

Prill Boyle, Cole Prewitt-Smith, Scott Smith and friends. 

Parks & Rec operations manager Carmen Roda made sure everything ran smoothly. (Photo/Dan Woog

Cathy Malkin (right) offered “06880” prosecco shots. (Photo/Johanna Keyser Rossi)

Michael Calise (Photo/Dan Woog)

More “06880” swag. (Photo/Michelle Harmon)

Dan Donovan and his aunts, longtime Westport arts and history advocates Eve Potts and Marion Morra.

Westport Rotary Club stalwart Rick Benson, recent Staples High School graduate James Dobin-Smith, and Planning & Zoning Commission chair Danielle Dobin. (All photos/Dan Woog unless otherwise noted)

(Photo/Jo Shields Sherman)

Former Staples High School principal John Dodig and his husband Rodger Lawrence get ready for the sunset. (Photo/Susan Garment)

13 responses to ““06880” Blog Party: Biggest And Best Yet

  1. Diane L Lowman

    It was amazing!!! Bravo and thank you for ten years of partying and service to 06880- that’s me (Poet Laureate Emeritus Diane Lowman) with John and Rodger – great photos!

  2. John Hartwell

    So sorry to have missed this! What a great event! Next year!

  3. Cristina Negrin

    I was there in spirit! Loved the photos!!

  4. charles taylor


  5. Roseann Spengler

    Great photos and, always fun to celebrate 06880 and you.

  6. Patricia McMahon

    Hate to have missed a good party.
    Looks like a great time was had by all.
    Cheers to you Dan💫

  7. Dan, I wish I could have attended, but I’m up at Lake Placid for the Ironman competition.

  8. Andrew Colabella

    Wish I could have made it, but anywhere in Westport with Dan is an 06880 Party!!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  9. Where’s Dan?

  10. What fun!

  11. Billy Nistico

    Wow Dan, great turn out indeed! Sending my best from the West Coast.

  12. Congratulations Dan! Great photos, sorry to miss..keep up the great work my friend.

  13. Dan, such a great event, sorry I missed it.. next year for sure

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