“06880” Blog Party: See You Tonight!

The rains have moved on. The heat is nowhere as bad as Phoenix, Houston or Greece.

Which means: We’re on for our 10th annual “06880” blog party!

We’re all set for 6 p.m. at South Beach — the alcohol-is-fine-except-no-glass-bottles end, furthest from the cannons.

This is a bring-your-own-food-and-beverages event. If you’ve got something extra to share, feel free!

Bring a beach chair. And we can always use folding tables.

“06880” provides the rest: a chance to meet commenters and lurkers. Each year we welcome old-timers, newcomers, politicians and normal human beings. It’s a chance to talk, laugh and trade stories about this wild, wacky and only slightly dysfunctional town we share and love.

See you tonight!

We’ll be just to the left of this jetty (near the boat and kayak launch). Without the car, though, (Photo/Linda Gramatky Smith)

3 responses to ““06880” Blog Party: See You Tonight!

  1. Jeanine Esposito

    So sad to miss this opportunity to hang w the 06880 community – and celebrate you, Dan! We will make a toast from another shore in Martha’s Vineyard where Frederic will be playing. Have fun!

  2. Eric “Bidet Boy” Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Have fun you crazy kids!!!!
    Just a word of advice (from someone who’s been burned)
    Make sure that Jen has replenished the toilet paper in the South beach bathroom BEFORE you “ascend the throne.” or, as Dan has wisely suggested: “bring your own.”

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