8 Civilians Killed, 13 Injured In Attack On Lyman

8 civilians were killed, and 13 injured, earlier today (10 a.m. local time), when Russian artillery struck Westport’s sister city of Lyman, Ukraine.

An apartment building, business and 3 cars were set on fire by multiple rocket launchers. No other details were available.

Russian forces occupied the town in the spring and summer of 2022. Ukraine’s army retook Lyman in October. But the Donetsk region continues to be the site of fierce battles.

1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker and Police Chief Foti Koskinas — who traveled to the Lyman and eastern Ukraine in May — have been communicating with their counterparts in Lyman this morning.

“Our support for our sister city Lyman is more important than ever,” Tooker said today. “We have stood with them, and while mourning together, we will continue to do so.”

Today’s attack makes tomorrow’s LymanAID event honoring our sister city more important too (Sunday, July 9; 1 p.m. to dusk; Ukrainian-American Club, Post Road in Southport just past the I-95 northbound Exit 19 on-ramp).

It is one more way for our town to show solidarity with, and support for, our war-weary friends halfway around the world.

Tomorrow’s event is free. Though pre-registration is not required, a couple of hundred people have already done so. (Click here to register, and for more information.)

The day includes free food, beer, wine and soft drinks, and music from the Mike McGovern Band. Fundraising opportunities will be available through a raffle with many items (including a gorgeous Ukrainian quilt); a treasure sale, Yankee auction, coffee table book pull, plant sale, “LymanADE” stand and more.

Lyman Mayor Alexander Zhuravlov is scheduled to speak on a big screen. Senator Richard Blumenthal will be there, in person. So will Tooker, Koskinas — and many, many caring, concerned Westporters.

7 responses to “8 Civilians Killed, 13 Injured In Attack On Lyman

  1. Ray Wilhelm

    So sad to read about the devastation in Ukraine but encouraged by the support by our country and local communities. Question: how does one qualify and what is the process for being named a sister city?

  2. A sister city relationship is one that develops between two municipalities. Westport and Lyman were brought together by Ukraine Aid International, a non-profit created by Westporters Brian and Marshall Mayer. They pitched the idea to 1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker. Town officials and private citizens have worked to strengthen the bonds. Tooker made the relationship official by signing a document with Lyman’s mayor, during her recent trip to Ukraine.

  3. Fred Stanwick

    This is a senseless war that could have been avoided with diplomacy. Instead our military industrial complex wanted to degrade the Russian army and economy by letting the Ukrainians do the fighting for us. We bemoan the deaths of innocent civilians in our sister city but their deaths are part of our strategy. Russia will never cede control of Ukraine to NATO, and many more innocent civilians will die before we figure this out and abandon Ukraine, which will be decimated. But I hope Westporters have fun at their LymanAid party and feel good about themselves.

    • There will also be opportunities to raise funds for Lyman, Fred. I hope to see you there.

    • Dermot Meuchner

      Our CIA director is a signatory to a letter written in 2005 saying it was a huge mistake to allow the former Soviet bloc nations into NATO. As far back as the md 90’s the Clinton’s were told it was a huge mistake to expand but being neoliberal warmongers they declined. Now here we are on the verge of using nuclear weapons and no one seems to really care. Oh, I forgot to mention the cluster bombs ol’ Joe decided to send to Ukraine.