Pic Of The Day #2271

Old Mill Beach (Photo/Tom Kretsch)

2 responses to “Pic Of The Day #2271

  1. I like this photo the more I look at it. The fact that the figure is more to the side and not closer shows that this is a picture of distance.

  2. I took this picture of my grandson, Warren, who spent a week with us in what we call Camp Wakeman Place. We did so many special things together over the course of a week. One of his favorite things to do when visiting is walking out on the sandbars at low tide. You can seemingly walk forever exploring a world of sand, water and sea life on journeys to these little islands that come and go with the tide. He loved running, chasing the seagulls, looking for crabs, building mighty structures and feeling this sense of freedom.

    A special time and place in our sweet town.

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