Roundup: Minute Man, LymanAID Party, Road Closures …

The Minute Man — proud symbol of Westport — looks prouder than ever.

(Photo/Andrew Colabella)

The 1910 statue was recently power-washed. Now it’s been refinished, and treated with a UV lacquer coating to prevent it from weather and foreign material.

Thanks go to Francis Miller, owner of Conserve Art. He’s the one who raised the statue a few years ago, to protect it from the elements.

Thanks to Francis, the plaque is now legible too. The next time you walk, jog or bike by, stop and read it. The history of the area — and the monument itself — is fascinating. (Hat tip: Andrew Colabella)


Signs like these are popping up all over town:

(Photo/Tom Kretsch)

They’re advertising the summer’s biggest (non-fireworks) party.

On Sunday, July 9 (1 p.m. to dusk), there’s a huge thank-you bash honoring our sister city of Lyman, Ukraine.

Everyone’s invited. It’s worth it just to see the great, welcoming site: the Ukrainian-American Club (just past the I-95 Exit 19 northbound entrance ramp in Southport).

The free, family-friendly event includes snacks, drinks, music and more.

There will be opportunities to help Lyman too: a raffle, treasure sale, Yankee auction, coffee table book pull, plant sale, “LymanADE” stand and more. Lyman Mayor Alexander Zhuravlov will speak on a big screen.

VIP tickets ($350) include reserved seating, a commemorative gift, open bar, homemade Ukrainian-inspired meal and more.

VIP Plus tickets ($1,000) receive all benefits above, plus signage with your family name or company logo, a message for the Ukrainian people, and a Ukraine flag signed by Mayor Zhuravlov.

To RSVP, purchase VIP tickets and for more information, click here. And if you’d like one of those cool yard signs, have questions, or would like to be a sponsor, email


Work has begun on the Whitney Street sewer project.

(Photo/Molly Alger)

Between now and August 4, the road will be closed to through traffic during weekday work hours.

So all those drivers who used Whitney as a cut-through between Roseville Road and downtown (shush!) will have to head to the Post Road or North Compo.

But that would have happened anyway. Work on the Evergreen Avenue sewer has closed that important through road weekdays too.


A simple post on Facebook’s “Westport Front Porch” page urged the town to keep the rainbow crosswalk (on Jesup Road at Taylor Place), after Pride Month ends June 30.

By midday yesterday it had amassed nearly 400 likes, and about 300 comments.

Nearly every comment was positive — “It’s beautiful!” “It makes me so happy!” “There’s no time limit on inclusivity” — except for a tiny handful (“The rainbow is God’s symbol”; “What contribution or what value do the LGBT people bring to the table?…”).

There are several options to make a permanent crosswalk better suited to cars that turn, and New England weather. All material and work would be privately funded.

Meanwhile, a petition has also begun. As of yesterday afternoon, it had 147 signatures.

At 5 a.m. on June 1, Dr. Nikki Gorman (above) — one of the crosswalk’s sponsors — joined a dozen volunteers, including the 1st and 2nd selectwomen, and Public Works director, for the rainbow installation.


Pianist Janice Friedman headlines this week’s Jazz at the Post (Thursday, June 22; shows at 7:30 and 8:45 p.m., dinner service at 7; VFW Joseph J. Clinton Post 399).

She’ll play with her longtime saxophone collaborator, Greg “The Jazz Rabbi” Wall, plus bassist Leon “Boots” Maleson and drummer Brian Floody.

The evening begins with a presentation. The Jazz Society of Fairfield County — presenter of the weekly VFW post series — will give a $5,000 check to Ciara Bustillo-Rodriguez of Bridgeport, winner of their first Micky Golomb Memorial Scholarship.

Ciara will perform a few pieces with Janice and her group. She began studying music 8 years ago with the KEYS program.

She excels in both jazz and classical music, as principal flutist with the Greater Connecticut Youth Orchestra Philharmonic, and their Jazz Orchestra.

Ciara is studying music at Western Connecticut State University, with the goal of a career as a jazz educator and performer.

The fund was established in memory of Myron “Micky” Golomb (1931-2019),
a jazz saxophonist and educator who moved to Westport in 1978. The award will be presented by his wife Kathy and their daughter Becky.

This is the final Jazz at the Post of the season. The series resumes in September. Reservations are strongly suggested:

Ciara Bustillo-Rodriguez


This week’s “What’s Next in Weston” podcast explores the town’s new relationship with Silver Hill Hospital.

1st Selectwoman Sam Nestor and Human Services director Alison Lisbon discuss new help for people with mental health issues.

Click below to hear the latest presentation from the Y’s Men of Westport and Weston.


Every day brings new joy to Westport gardeners.  All are “Westport … Naturally”-worthy.

This is part of Rick Hochman’s back yard, off Long Lots.

(Photo/Rick Hochman)


And finally … On this day in 1837, Queen Victoria succeeded to the British throne. She ruled for 63 years and 216 days — a record that stood until 2015, when Queen Elizabeth surpassed it. She lived, and reigned, for 70 years and 214 days.

(We’ll never forget Queen Elizabeth. Or Victoria! But please don’t forget to help support “06880.” Just click here. And thank you!)

19 responses to “Roundup: Minute Man, LymanAID Party, Road Closures …

  1. Hadn’t heard “Victoria” in a long, long time.

    Among the best opening verses of sixties songs; actually, among the best songs of the 1960s when you factor in the combination of terrific music and lyrics. And now, thanks to “06880,” I can’t get the song out of my head.

  2. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    I hope the Pride crossing doesn’t end here. I think ALL crosswalks, particularly those at intersections to schools, be similarly marked.

    • George Eagan

      Why? Can we put heterosexual crosswalks in too so everyone is inclusive!?!

      • Great idea! Which colors should we use? How about white? White works! Can never have enough white.

      • Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

        Pride is for everybody. I’m not high on the Drag Queen concept because no one will explain the utility of it to me. I think it muddies things. But I’m all for anything that will make people slow down on North Avenue where all the schools are.

    • Stephanie Frankel

      Eric, you should work on one for Cincinnati! I can her you David Pepper’s contact info and you can get to work!

  3. Wanda Tedesco

    I am in favor of leaving the rainbow cross walks. They are pretty and act as a reminder that we should all be inclusive.

  4. Dick Lowenstein

    But will rainbow-colored crosswalks serve their purpose, both functionally and legally. Here is what the Connecticut law says:

    Sec. 14-298-622. Crosswalk and crosswalk lines
    (a) Crosswalk lines shall be solid white lines marking both edges of a crosswalk. They shall not be less than six inches in width and should not be spaced less than six feet apart.
    (b) Crosswalks should be marked at all intersections where there is substantial conflict between vehicle and pedestrian movements. Marked crosswalks should also be provided at other appropriate points where pedestrians could not otherwise recognize the proper place to cross. For added visibility, the area of the crosswalk may be marked with white diagonal lines or with white longitudinal lines. These lines shall be approximately 12 inches to 24 inches wide and spaced 16 inches to 24 inches apart. When diagonal or longitudinal lines are used to mark a crosswalk, the transverse crosswalk lines referred to in subsection (a) may be omitted. School crosswalks shall use 24 inch wide longitudinal lines, spaced 24 inches apart.
    (Effective November 3, 1982; Amended December 9, 1999; Amended December 23, 2005)

    Temporary colored crosswalks once a year, sure. But year round?

    • John D McCarthy

      Or just change the law. Rainbow crosswalks would certainly be more visble and thus arguably safer than just plain white ones……A nice metaphor for diversity.

      • David Rosendahl

        April was Jewish American History Month. Did I miss a painted /acknowledged crosswalk in Westport? Westport diversity? Until the next affordable housing referendum comes up.

        Take your wannabe wokeness elsewhere John.

    • George Eagan

      It’s insanity is what it is.

    • Dick,
      The Westport rainbow crosswalk is colorful.
      Eleven diverse colors each interspersed between 12 white longitudinal lines approximately 18 inches wide and 24 inches apart.
      So, there is no need to worry about a regulation that was already repealed a decade ago, in January 2013.

      Westport’s rainbow crosswalk sends a message of welcoming, openness, and inclusivity.

      What message would be sent by, “Temporary colored crosswalks once a year, sure. But year round?”

  5. Werner Liepolt

    The actual rainbow crosswalk near Jessup Green is recently offering up a somewhat tattered look… with some of the bands of color having lifted and torn. if we are going to have one, let’s keep it looking good, please. Otherwise… well, what’s the message we’re sending?

    • Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

      That was why I suggested a Pride footbridge. Just make it higher than the railroad bridge on S Compo.

  6. Dermot Meuchner

    This is comical actually, distract, distract, distract from the nuclear Armageddon we’re approaching hahaha.