Josh Deitch’s Hair-Raising Tale

Today is Graduation Day for the Staples High School Class of 2023.

For the 430 students, it’s a day of accomplishment, congratulations and joy.

It can also be bittersweet. Some of the people who helped get them where they are will be missing.

Josh Deitch will celebrate with his father Dave and brother Jonathan. He’ll be thinking of  his mother Michele, who died after a long battle with breast cancer in July 2021.

The last couple of weeks have been exciting for Josh. He performed in the Pops Concert as a drummer and violist, and earned both the Coleman Brothers Foundation and Albie Loeffler Scholarships as a soccer player.

His mother could not share in his accolades. But this past weekend — just days before graduation — Josh honored her.

Among his many attributes, he is known at Staples for his hair. The last time he cut it — apart from a little trim here and there — was at least 10 years ago.

Now it’s nearly all gone.

On Sunday Katsu Yokoi — a friend of the family who cuts hair locally and in New York — gave him a once-in-a-decade haircut.

Josh’s amazing locks were not swept up and tossed out. Nor were they saved as a souvenir.

His hair was donated. It will be made into a wig, providing support and confidence to cancer patients who have lost their hair during chemotherapy.

Considering Josh’s hair, I’m betting more than one wig.

Several organizations accept hair donations. Josh provided links:

If “06880” readers follow up, perhaps they’ll do so in Michele’s memory.

Happy Graduation, Josh. Good luck at Dickinson College, studying psychology.

All of Westport is proud of you.

Your mom would be too!

Most organizations receive hair that’s dry, clean, cut, and sent in baggies. This is Josh’s contribution.

12 responses to “Josh Deitch’s Hair-Raising Tale

  1. Barbara Greenspan

    Michelle was a wonderful occupational therapist!!!

  2. What a Nice People!!! You both are cute

  3. Trammi Nguyen

    Congratulations to Josh! My family and I wish you the best as you start your post high school adventures.

    Michele was one of kindest people I had the privilege of knowing. People like her made a difference in other people’s lives. I miss her grace, gentle manner, and humor every day. She loved her boys fiercely and unconditionally. Josh’s tribute honors Michele’s love for him and others. She would be so very proud and happy. If she was still with us and healthy, I’m sure she would have grown out her hair and cut her locks to donate along with Josh’s.

  4. Judith Croen

    Congratulations Josh!! Wishing you all the best!!
    PS the haircut looks great!!

  5. Josh–you are an incredible young man and I know your mom is smiling down on you enjoying all of your success!! She would be so proud of your talents and interests but especially proud of what a good and kind person you are. We can’t wait to watch you and the other Stapes grads walk down the aisle today. And we LOVE the new haircut. What a wonderful tribute to your mom. XXOO the Diorios

  6. Great story, Dan! Thanks for sharing. And thank you, Josh, for your donation!

    For future donations, Children with Hair Loss is one of the best places to donate hair, as they provide free human hair wigs to all kids suffering from hair loss. As the parents of a child who has experienced hair loss and benefited from other’s donations, we found this was a great organization to work with.

  7. Judith Marks-White

    Way to go, Josh. What a gift. Your mom would be beaming. Best of everything at Dickinson. And, by the way, you look terrific!

  8. Katie Parker Augustyn

    What a wonderful way to honor your mom, Josh. All the best to you!

  9. Josh!!! I’m so proud of you. Reading this made my day.

  10. Congratulations Josh, and what a beautiful and kind gesture for others! You will receive greater gifts in life in return than you can imagine right now. Your heart, your talents, your generosity (and your good looks – now even easier to see!) will take you very far in life. Enjoy and make the most of every day!

  11. Debora Manzi

    Josh we wish you all your dreams for the future. May your years at Dickinson be everything you want and more. We send love to you on this special occasion! And by the way you look great , as you did before your haircut!

  12. Nell-Ayn Lynch

    Josh, YOU ROCK!! I’m so proud of you. Congratulations on your high school graduation and best of luck at Dickinson. You’re on your way to do great things!!