Pics Of The Day #2242

As smoke from Canadian wildfires drifted south, much of the East Coast was enveloped in an acrid haze.

After-school activities, sports games and practices, even the Democratic Town Committee’s al fresco get-together at Walrus Alley were canceled.

Most Westporters stayed indoors. Some ventured out, to take photos for “06880.” Here are a few:

No swimming at Compo Beach … (Photo/Charlie Scott)

… or playing on the cannons … (Photo/Larry Silver) 

Canal Road, on Saugatuck Shores (Photo/Gene Borio)

A different-looking sun (Photo/Gene Borio)

From a Post Road West office (Photo/Mikayla Doyle)

Saugatuck River (Photo/Amy Schneider)

Staples High School’s Jinny Parker Field (Photo/Dave Briggs)

Greenwood Lane, off Sturges Commons (Photo/Mary-Lou Weisman)

Hazy sun, over Home Goods … (Photo/Andrew Colabella)

… and through the trees … (Photo/Becky Keeler)

… and the sun’s close-up (Photo/Meredith Holod)

View from one drone … (Photo/Sam Saperstein)

… and at Ned Dimes Marina, another. (Charlie Scott)

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