The Dog Days Of Spring

Sure, the Dog Festival was just a few days ago.

But “06880” always has room for man’s best friend.

Westport photographer Rowene Weems loves capturing Fido (and Fifi) (and Spot) (and …) as they are chauffeured around town.

Here are a few of her favorite shots, for this holiday weekend:

(Photos and collage/Rowene Weems)

PRO TIP: Hot weather is coming. Never leave your pet in a car while you’re shopping — not even if the window is cracked, and not for “just a few minutes.”

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9 responses to “The Dog Days Of Spring

  1. Beth Berkowitz

    People need to realize that many electric cars now have the ability to leave the AC on for the dogs to be left in the cars for up to 45 minutes while the car is off so the dogs stay cool. Some of them have an electronic sign that says my owner will be. Ack soon and it is a comfortable 68* in the car while they are gone, but some don’t say anything on their screens, so before you report them or break a window, please check to see if it’s an electric vehicle or not!

  2. Peter Marks

    How about reminding people not to drive with their pooch on their lap. It’s illegal as well as very dangerous for you the dog and the other person when you can’t turn the wheel and crash into them!

  3. Richard Fogel

    How about reminding people to slow down with or without a dog?

  4. Beth Berkowitz

    I don’t see any of these dogs on a driver’s lap! However, I don’t disagree with the danger of doing that Peter. I just don’t understand what these beautiful pictures have to do with that.

  5. Patricia McMahon

    i’m just here for the beautiful pbotos my friend Rowene took of these car cruising joyoys pups.Nothing makes my Boston terrier Levon more excited than a ride in my mini.

  6. John Richers

    I wish to endorse and reiterate the admonishment of Mr. Peter Marks: I’m an avid cyclist and I see people driving with dogs on their laps all too often and I find the self-centered ignorance of these people absolutely infuriating. If something suddenly startles or excites that dog and it jumps on the driver’s right arm, I might potentially be killed when the person’s car suddenly lurches to the right, into the bike lane. Or, if the dog jumps onto the driver’s left arm, his or her car could lurch leftward into oncoming traffic. In either case, someone else could be injured or killed due to your silly entitled indulgence. Give it some mature and responsible thought, and give the rest of us humans some consideration, you lap dog drivers!! Just don’t do it, ever again, please!
    Also, never leave small children or guitars alone in hot cars!!
    If you love ‘em… don’t leave ‘em!!

  7. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Take the dog with you when you visit the library. But be careful and be sure to keep them on a leash. You never know what dirty books they might have on display.

  8. Carl Addison Swanson

    Super post. Dogs make you smile.