Pics Of The Day #2230

One view of clouds over Compo Beach … 

… and another (Photos/Sunil Hirani)

3 responses to “Pics Of The Day #2230

  1. Those are nice photos but I want to comment on the railroad photo that appears every night (and day) as a pictorial headline. I love this photo and the extreme curvature of the tracks. It may be just a very wide angle lens but it is done perfectly without the vertical lines tilting inward as in so many wide views. I like to imagine a train actually making this turn at some speed. It would probably spill out of the picture onto my keyboard! I hope Dan keeps this photo up for a long time. And, by the way, whose photo is it?

  2. Janine Scotti

    I reported the traffic concern to the police that all roads were bad in the 2 o’clock hour this week. The police can make a huge difference moving traffic. I was coming from 95 exit 17 to the blue bridge and no one was coming on the bridge the other way. An officer could help us fly through there.

    Another easy solution is for help at the beach at the compo light. People leaving the beach in the afternoon are forever waiting. Another spot where a police officer could clear out traffic.

    And in Saugatuck they need a coordinated effort with the three lights at treadwell, the bridge and at tutti’s.

    We are doomed with out early afternoon through evening support.
    And hirer people so we don’t get whacked with overtime and let out best traffic officers train the new hires, because a weak traffic officer is worse that a light!

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