Photo Challenge #437

George Washington slept at the Marvin Tavern.

He only ate (and/or drank?) at the Disbrow Tavern. But that’s the one with the plaque that was featured as last week’s Photo Challenge. (Click here to see.)

The Disbrow Tavern — which the Father of Our Country visited as a general, leading patriot troops in the Revolutionary War — was at the site of the current Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, on Church Lane at Myrtle Avenue.

The plaque was placed in 1932, to commemorate the bicentennial of Washington’s birth.

His visit to the Marvin Tavern — near the present-day Post Road West and Kings Highway South — came later, during his presidency. The owner went all out to prepare a feast, but Washington ate and drank sparingly. And though he appreciated the effort, he was not pleased with his accommodations.

There is apparently also a plaque on the front lawn of a house at the corner of Hillandale and West Parish Roads, in the first president’s honor. Several readers thought either that, or the Disbrow Tavern site, was the subject of the photo.

Congratulations to John McCarthy, Elaine Marino, Seth Schachter, Peter Hirst, Jonathan Prager, Robin Jaffee Frank, Marcia Falk, Andrew Colabella and Matt McGrath for knowing exactly where George Washington slept.

Or, at least, ate.

The stone masonry in today’s Photo Challenge hints at an earlier age. But it’s more modern — perhaps, once, a way to protect mailboxes from destruction by what were then called “juvenile delinquents.”

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Sunil Hirani)

18 responses to “Photo Challenge #437

  1. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    What do they call “juvenile delinquents” now? (asking for a friend)

  2. Patricia McMahon

    I believe this might bo on end of Roosevelt across from Ned Dimes Marina ?

  3. Patricia is correct. They are at the intersection of combo Beach Road in Roseville.

  4. Michael Szeto

    At the corner of Roosevelt and Compo Beach Road.

  5. Michael Szeto

    At the corner of Roosevelt and Compo Beach Road

  6. Andrew Colabella

    Compo and Rosevelt corner!

  7. Elaine Marino

    Dan – I don’t know the answer for this one but I would like to get credit for last week’s Challenge. LOL

  8. Beth Berkowitz

    Near Ned dimes marina!

  9. End of Roosevelt Rd and Campo , facing towards Roosevelt Rd.

  10. Michael Calise

    Somewhere on the east ward run of compo Beach Road

  11. You are all correct. It’s at the end of Roosevelt Road, facing Compo Beach Road and the Ned Dimes Marina. What an observant bunch!

    • Matthew Steck

      Yes, wonderful job! Now let’s get back to, ‘Where Westport Whines to the World ‘

  12. Wow! Those mailboxes are SO cool but I have no idea where they are. Busy now so will check comments later to find out!

  13. Corner of Compo Beach Road and Roosevelt Road. I walk by it regularly.

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