Photo Challenge #436

Gilbertie’s Herbs & Flower Garden is 101 years old.

The iron wagon and concrete planter on the beloved business’ Sylvan Lane property may be even older.

But Gilbertie’s — which sells far more than herbs and flowers — always looks fresh and new.

Its many loyal customers always go back for more. Among them (no doubt) are Mousumi Ghosh, Amy Schneider, Lisa Gold, Andrew Colabella, Seth Schachter and Michael Calise.

All 6 knew exactly where last week’s Photo Challenge could be found.ย (Click here to see.)

Today’s Photo Challenge commemorates one of at least 2 times George Washington passed through Westport. The plaque was placed in 1932, honoring the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Father of our Country.

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/John Lisee)

22 responses to “Photo Challenge #436

  1. Near the corner of Sylvan and the Post Road?

  2. John McCarthy

    Disbrow Tavern, by CHT

  3. Elaine Marino

    Myrtle Ave and Church Lane (site of Disbrow Tavern).

  4. Seth schachter

    I believe former site of Disbrow Tavern
    Remembering reading about this in a number of the Wesport historical books. Church / myrtle

  5. Myrtle Avenue & CHurch Lane, the Church being Christ & Holy Trinity

  6. Doris Levinson

    The plaque is located on the front lawn of the house at the corner of Hillandale Road and West Parish Road.

  7. This particular plaque is at the site of the old Disbrow Tavern — Myrtle Avenue and Church Lane (Christ & Holy Trinity Church). George Washington also visited the Marvin Tavern, near the present-day Post Road West and Kings Highway South.

    • John Richers

      He also famously dined at the Spotted Horse before crossing the river on his way toward Whole Foods for provisions!!

      • Don’t be ridiculous.

        Washington never went to Whole Foods.
        It was still Shopwell

      • Kevin McCaul

        He probably stopped by Ye Olde Bridge Grille for a nightcap – and some bantering with a couple of underage patrons.

  8. Judith Marks-White

    Near corner of Kings Highway and Wilton Road

  9. Jennifer Barnes

    At the corner of W Parish and Hillandale, in front of the home thatโ€™s currently on the market.

  10. Robert Mitchell

    Post Road West near Whole Foods.

  11. Jonathan Prager

    General George Washington (I’m assuming he was General at that time) sojourned at the Disbrow Tavern for a night in 1775. Then, Disbrow Tavern was situated at Church Lane and Myrtle Avenue, where Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church now stands.

    To commemorate his visit, this plaque sits by the elm tree at that junction

    President Washington returned five years later during his inaugural term, to stay (with, according to his diary, a critical opinion of the Captain Ozias Marvin tavern) in Westport five years later.

    The above comes through me to you from material posted on February 21st, 2021 from an exceptionally reliable source.

    A source who, I have no doubt, will add more of the particulars in the answer he furnishes right here next week …

    With Love,

    Jonathan : )

  12. The photo has me wondering: did George use Airbnb or VRBO? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. Dr Robin Jaffee Frank

    The Plaque mentions a “tavern.” In 1780, Washington stopped at the Disbrow Inn, near Trinity Church. Is the plaque there? In 1789, then President Washington visited the inn/tavern near Birchwood Country Club. Is the plaque there?

  14. At the corner of Church of Christ and Holy Trinity on Maple

  15. Andrew Colabella

    Myrtle & Church corner. The tree at that corner dates back to the time Washington stayed at the tavern.

  16. Paul F Lenihan

    So lucky to have Gilberties!

  17. Ralph Balducci

    I think it’s at the intersection of W Parish Road and the road (Hillandale?) that continues over the Sherwood Connector and the public works area

  18. Jill Turner Odice

    Kings Highway and Old Hill Rd.

  19. Matt McGrath

    In front of Christ and Holy Trinity Church.

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