Pic Of The Day #2210

Clarendon — the British art gallery — opened its first US location in February. Tonight they held a grand opening party, with this grand greeter at its Main Street entrance. (Photo/Dan Woog)

5 responses to “Pic Of The Day #2210

  1. I wish them well!
    As a former native of CT and one who used to live in Westport with my family I have fond memories of Main Street as a child and then later bringing my own children there too shopping for clothes and everything.
    I really miss Compo Beach too!
    John Schultz

  2. How nice to see a live performance on the Pic Of The Day!
    And great colors too.

  3. Richard Fogel

    Great greeter

  4. Janet Amadio

    The Brits know how to do it! Stunning model and skilled! That can’t be easy….to not topple over!! Best of luck to this store! Sorry I missed the performance…is it video’d?

  5. wow, she’s tall!

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