Roundup: Mothers Day, Rowene Weems, Mystery Boxes …

Fig Linens and Home — a small woman-owned business in Westport since 2003 — has your Mothers Day covered.

Their advice (whether you shop at their 66 Post Road East store or not) is:

The perfect Mothers Day gift is different for every mom. Finding the perfect pick is dependent on choosing what your mom loves.

Some questions to ask yourself to pick the ideal Mother’s Day present include:

  • Do any gifts align with her interests? Think of the things your mother loves most, and the things she does every day. Making a list of her hobbies and activities can help you brainstorm gift ideas.
  • Is it something you can see her using? Traditional gifts include things flowers, spa treatments and chocolate. If you never see your mom utilizing any of those, it’s time to re-evaluate. We often recommend gifts like luxury robes, silk slippers and relaxing candles, because they are usable every single day.
  • Would she buy it for herself? The best Mothers Day gift strikes a balance between being something she’ll want and use, while being something she probably wouldn’t splurge on herself. If your mom gets a massage every week, a massage gift card probably isn’t the best gift. Think instead of items you don’t think she would purchase, but that she would love.

PS: Mothers Day is a week from Sunday: May 14. Don’t forget!


Westport Police made 4 custodial arrests between April 26 and May 3.

One was for burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, larceny and criminal mischief, following a break-in at Riverside Sunoco of $3,600 worth of cigarettes and vaping devices.

Another arrest was for criminal attempt to commit larceny and forgery, after an attempt to cash a fraudulent business check for $18,500 at TD Bank.

A third was for criminal attempt to commit larceny, breach of peace and threatening, following mail theft by the neighbor of a Westport resident.

The fourth arrest was for failure to appear in court, after a September motor vehicle accident.

Police also issued the following citations:

  • Traffic control signal violations: 6
  • Traveling unreasonably fast: 5
  • Failure to comply with state traffic regulations: 4
  • Operating a motor vehicle without minimum insurance: 3
  • Distracted driving (not cellphone): 2
  • Traveling unreasonably fast: 2
  • Operating a motor vehicle without a license: 2
  • Failure to obey stop sign: 2
  • Improper use of markers: 1
  • Assault 3rd degree, physical injury: 1
  • Speeding: 1
  • Operating a motor vehicle while texting: 1
  • Operating a motor vehicle under suspension: 1
  • Operating an unregistered motor vehicle: 1
  • Failure to renew registration: 1
  • Failure to register a commercial vehicle: 1
  • Unreadable license plate: 1

An arrest was made after a break-in yielded $3600 worth of cigarettes and vaping devices.


The Westport Book Shop’s Artist of the Month is an “06880” favorite: Rowene Weems.

The photographer will display “Wish You Were Here: Postcards from Westport.” The 16 photos depicting scenes around town are part of a larger series of “love notes” to Westport.

Rowene moved to Westport from Wyoming 4 years ago. She says, “The beauty of Westport’s waterside landscape is such a lush contrast to my Rocky Mountain home. I find it a continuing source of inspiration.”

Rowene’s photography will exhibited at the Book Shop on Jesup Road through May 31.  All pieces are available for purchase.

Rowene Weems with her photos, at the Westport Book Shop.


We can’t make this stuff up.

The former site of State Cleaners — the near-70-year business that closed this winter, at the rear of 180 Post Road East — will soon have a new tenant.

It will fill a gaping need in Westport. It’s just what we need! Check it out below:

(Photo/Molly Alger)


Bob Mitchell sends this photo —

— and writes: “These have appeared all over my neighborhood – Redcoat and Cavalry Road. Any idea what they are? Something to do with cable?”

That’s above my pay grade. But “06880” readers will know. Click “Comments,” so we are all up to speed.


Today’s “Westport … Naturally” feature — taken on Imperial Avenue — is one of our most gorgeous ever.

Then again, it is mid-spring in Westport.

(Photo/June Rose Whittaker)


And finally … happy belated (yesterday) 89th birthday, Frankie Valli!

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4 responses to “Roundup: Mothers Day, Rowene Weems, Mystery Boxes …

  1. Bob Mitchell’s picture of the black box hanging from the pole, is of a new fiber optic connection. Frontier and Optimum are putting in fiber around here. You have probably seen the flyers. I switched and got a better deal. Even if you don’t want to switch, it’s worth calling your cable provider to ask for a better rate. Competition is a good thing!

    • Robert Mitchell

      Thanks for the explanation. They haven’t approached us about connecting/changing yet. And the wires are pretty ugly.

  2. kkkkkkkkk

  3. Hi Dan,
    I must comment on your snarky comment interference to Nail Blanc the new nail salon coming soon to the old Community Cleaners space. Nail Blanc is not new and is a salon I have been waiting for with great anticipation. The owners, Amber and Michelle, 2 lovely young women from China had a very busy salon further east on the Post Rd. They lost their lease so their landlord could open his own nail salon in the same space. They are known for their exquisite nail art and built up their previous business through the pandemic to a point where every appointment spot was filled.They are both incredibly hard working, kind and honest. We are lucky to have them back in town. Please stop in and see what these amazing women have to offer and YES they are just what we need.

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