Painting The Town Yellow

Debra Kandrak’s one-woman crusade to paint the town yellow is paying off beautifully.

Every autumn for 4 years, she has used a wide variety of outlets — social media, emails, and of course “06880” — to encourage Westporters to plant daffodils.

She brings her message to friends, strangers, town organizations and committees and businesses.

Her ask is simple: “Paint the Town Yellow.”

Every spring around this time, we are blessed with the results of her — and their — work.

This year, the gorgeous yellow flowers are everywhere.

From neighborhoods like Greens Farms to the Westport Library, around mailboxes and street signs, by the Cribari Bridge, in traffic islands and at the entrances to Staples High and Bedford Middle Schools, Debra’s yeowoman efforts pay off for all of us.

As perennials, each year brings more and more explosions of color. Here are just a few examples of Debra’s efforts:

Near the police station.

Jesup Road

Imperial Avenue.

Compo Beach.

Sherwood Island Connector.

Weston Road, near Cross Highway.

Nevada Hitchcock Garden, Weston Road and Cross Highway.

Debra Kandrak’s adopt-a-spot, on Prospect Road and Greens Farms Road.

Debra Kandrak’s own Greens Farms barn …

… and her garden.

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3 responses to “Painting The Town Yellow

  1. Maria Macauda

    This is amazing. What a beautiful statement for the town. Debra is an amazing person. She puts her whole heart and soul into everything she does and her motivation to others shows. You go girl!

  2. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Yellow, Yellow, Yellow. It’s the same thing every year. There are other colors you know. Perhaps TEAM Westport could sponsor an essay contest to promote diversity in the garden. Roses are red, violets are blue, they call it mellow yellow quite rightly. I’d rather be red than dead. Orangeman BAD!!!!

  3. Mark Bachmann

    Thank you, Debra – everything around this town seems happy for a while when the daffodils are out!