“Spring Into Employment” — For Everyone

The Porch at Christie’s does it.

So does the Westport Book Shop.

And MoCA, The Residence, Lululemon, Nômade, Le Rouge Chocolates, Fleet Feet, the Senior Center and Michaels.

Now — with Westport’s Department of Human Services’ “Spring into Employment” initiative — there’s an opportunity for many more local businesses to do it too.

“It” is increasing the talent pool by posting a position on the town website.

The Porch hires people with disabilities — and sources its great bakery products from Sweet P, which does the same.

Want to hire someone with a disability, but not sure how they’d fit in, or what accommodations you’d need to make?

Human Services offers a consultation service. Click here for more information.

E4E is a collaboration between Human Services, Westport’s Commission on People with Disabilities, and local businesses. It rose from the need for more meaningful employment opportunities for residents with disabilities, and research highlighting the benefits of hiring them.

“Many Westport businesses already enjoy the benefits of employing people with disabilities,” says commission member Joe Anastasi.

“Our employees come to work on time and with enthusiasm. The result is a more upbeat work culture, and greater consumer loyalty.

“There is a surplus of qualified local workers with disabilities seeking employment. They thrive in workplaces that take the time to get to know them, provide training opportunities, and ultimately come to value their unique contributions.

Westport Book Shop is a leader in hiring people with disabilities.

The list of available positions has grown rapidly, since Employment for Everyone began in March 2022.

Now it’s time to “Spring into Employment” even more.

For more information on the E4E initiative, call 203-341-1050 or email humansrv@westportct.gov.

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  1. Sort of odd, to be polite about it, that the Westport Book Shop has no wheel chair accommodation out front…am I missing something?

  2. Cornelia Fortier

    This is wonderful. Thanks to all who’ve worked to make this happen.

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